Hijab is a a sign of modesty and respect. But hijabs can be fun and fashionable too staying in the modest limits. So that it keeps you in fashion and in place. Instead of making you feel out of place and making you have the feeling every now and then of leaving it to fit in.
Every hijabi has a different fashion sense and style they follow. My hijabi style is matching my shoes and bags with my hijab. Initially i just had a bundle of random hijabs and i always had an issue pairing them up with my outfit.
So i decided to make pairs of my accessories with my hijab of some of my favourite and frequently used colors. And here i am to share them with you all.
1. Beauty of black:
One can never have enough black atleast i don’t . So i have a whole lot of black bags shoes and heels with my black hijabs. Be it black and gold,black and white or black and red. Trust me u need them all.


2. Fresh fluorescent:
There’s another side of me which loves fluorescent and neon’s. Orange , yellow pink are the colors that make you look fresh and young. And they sure are a must have for every season. You can pair them up with blacks and blues in winter. Or just wear them alone in spring and summers.


3. Metallics:
Metallics are your best friend. When you cant find any exact color match,mettalics are a life saver. They arent just a last resort they can be your first choice too to add a little bling to your outfit.


4. Bearing blues :
Blue is the color that always gives u the funky touch. But that might be just what i think. I surely love blue u can mix and match it with so much and make everything stand out.


5. Red is always ahead :
The true colour of love and fashion is same and yes its red. Add red to your outfit and it will pop everything up making it ultra chic and trendy. That is actually why red is never out of trend 😉 .


4. Color of the season:
You can be a hijabi and in fashion both,staying in your own modesty. By following and pairing up the color of the season.
-Be it peach in the spring
-Army green and camouflage in winter
-Nudes that never go out.



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