We believe in strong woman. We believe in the woman who doesn’t need to hide behind her family or husband’s back.We believe in the woman who is able to stand up for herself. We believe that if you have problems, as a woman you deal with them, you don’t play victim, You stand and you deal.You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart. There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise! In conversation with strong and determined woman Ayesha Sohail! She’s running successful ladies Facebook group UAE FUSION SOCIALITES with more than 7k members, doing charity work and with all these things she running her fashion house SEW IN STYLE! scroll down to know more about her and her upcoming Eid Collection.

SONIA-Hi Ayesha! We are happy to have you with us. Before we proceed please give a sneak peak about you and your brand?
AYESHA -Hello Sonia ! Glad i’m being interviewed by You & DUBAI SOCIAL DIARIES , well about me , I am a simple yet Fun loving Person ,very Positive about my Goals and my Views towards Life . I prefer staying away from stressful Life and as soon i start loosing my confidence, i push myself towards my work,to keep my mind diverted from Negativity .
Sew in Style is My passion and My 2nd Baby , im taking care of this baby with patience & care and Looking forward to see it touching the Highest level of success In sh Allah .

SONIA-Would you like to tell our readers Whats the story behind the making of Sew In Style? When Sew in style was born?
AYESHA- I was a working woman for 9 years as a Teacher in a Kindergarten school , later i thought of taking a break from hectic Life routine . Im Like Every other Girl / woman who loves to dress up In desi attire . Im a workoholic person and after leaving my job i was not able to sit at home doing nothing , for me LIFE is a blessing from Allah which we shouldnt waste, by doing Nothing Productive. So i thought of opening an In house tailoring Boutique . My Husband and my Family is my BIGGEST support system , they encouraged me to open my dream business SEW IN STYLE on 5th May 2014 , i started on a very small scale but within few months Alhumdulilah my work was appreciated by everybody . Now Alhumdulilah we are working Worldwide and we are getting a Huge response from all around the globe Alhumdulilah

SONIA-There are many people who inspire us in doing something different in life , in your case who was the inspiration?
AYESHA-My Mom & Sister Yusra Ashraf were after me since i started my business, they have been pushing me to work on Trendy , Western & Eastern fusion Clothing Line, then You Sonia Kamran Pushed me and told me ” Ayesha you design it , I will wear it for you” .I loved designing Clothes for you and You Slayed it beautifuly. You Knew it how you to carry my Design & make it a master Piece .
Trust me since after that day I started and Alhumdulilah i never looked back ..
My Husband , My Parents ( Mom & Dad) & my Sister Is my Support system i cant Think of taking a single step without their presence .

SONIA-Who are your targeted customers both designs wise as well as price wise?
AYESHA- Well i design Western & Eastern Fusion Clothes . I have both categories which includes Eastern wear & Fusion wear Clients .Price wise People think I am a bit Expensive but i feel Good Things comes with Good Price Tags

SONIA-What are your expansion plans for Sew in style?
AYESHA-I don’t make plans actually , I work Instantly what ever comes on my way . I try to Organize it & beautify it MY WAY.

SONIA-Who are the celebrities you would love to dress up and why?
AYESHA- In Pakistan industry i would LOVE to design for Maira Khan , Maya Ali , Saba Qamar & Sanam Baloch
Indian Industry i would LOVE to Design for Sonam Kapoor as she slays Fusion attire beautifully , Parineeti Chopra & my favourite Kajol .

SONIA- You recently dolled up famous TV Anchor! How was your experience?
AYESHA- Kiran Khan , Celebrity Host of Lively Weekends on Masala Tv . I had an amazing Experience with her .She is a very down to earth person , though she is a celebrity but she has no attitude or rudeness . She actually Slayed & flaunted so beautifully which i think nobody could have done justice more than her .

SONIA-You are a successful working women , a wife and a mother. What would you advise women who wish to balance all these roles?
AYESHA-Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE for any woman on earth if she determine to do it , she can fulfill it successfully . Once you are a Mother you have that Super Power from Almighty Allah to Struggle & Fight back any situation in the world. It just needs a Push every Morning that I CAN DO IT , things will definitely start working the way She wants.
This is my Personal Life Mantra which i follow every day .

SONIA- Thank you for coming on board with Dubai Social Diaries What are your thoughts about the magazine?
AYESHA- I can See Dubai Social Diaries celebrity on TOP charts on its first Birthday
i wish You best of luck always with Loads of sincere Duas .




Model: Hareem Aafreen

Makeup: Hima Raza
Instagram : @makeupbyhimaraza
Salon page: Mirrors By Tazeen

Jewllery:: Gild &Grace
Phone num: 0301- 441-3700

Art decoration:

Photography : MK Photography & Films

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