He’s known for blending modernity with tradition and defining the new style of modern Indian women. He redefined the shape of Indian fashion industry with exotic prints,designs, womanish drapes and silhouettes! appealing to classes as well as masses. He recently showcased his beautiful collection at COLLAGE FASHIONS  MODERN WOMAN SHOW and  En Vogue by AAJK. His beautiful Collection is Exclusively Available at COLLAGE BOUTIQUE DUBAI ( 04-3255753)

Meet the young and extremely talented Indian Fashion designer RAJDEEP RANAWAT telling us his success story and upcoming projects in a candid interview with Dubai Social Diaries

SONIA- Hi Rajdeep welcome to Dubai social diaries! Would you like to tell our readers about your brand?

RAJDEEP- The Rajdeep Ranawat brand was founded way back in 2004 in New Delhi, India. The essence of our brand is design that caters to all genres of women and men apart from home, jewellery and kidswear as well. We believe in comfort and finish using the finest fabrics available creating luxury Pret, resort wear and couture clothing inspired by nature and embellished in authentic Swarovski crystals.

SONIA- Unlike the ethnic/bridal wears of other Indian designers, you are known for your beautiful prints and silhouettes and being fearless to experiment, defining the new persona of modern Indian woman. Where did you get the inspiration for your designs?

RAJDEEP- We were known for our bridal couture when we started our brand, with my immense love for colors and embroideries in European techniques, our clothing did catch quite some eyeballs… though we needed to make it affordable, and being an artist, I wanted to create the same essence of the brand in prints and believed in every outfit being an “art to wear”, to be cherished and relished at the same time. Inspiration for my designs are mainly from my travels, where each collection every season is based on a country, a motif or an art movement from some exotic era that casts a strong impression on my design sensibilities to last an entire season.

SONIA-How would you benchmark Dubai fashion industry globally?

RAJDEEP- Dubai in the UAE is a global fashion portal to say the least. One can literally find every brand from around the globe literally and shoppers from all over dash into this small city that has caste such a spell on everyone… it portrays exoticism and acceptance at the same time making it one of everyone’s holiday and shopping destinations.

SONIA-What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

RAJDEEP-The part when my clients pour out their gratitude for making them look beautiful and getting compliments from their friends and loved ones wearing our creations.

SONIA-What were your inspirations for the designs you created for this shoot?

RAJDEEP-The inspiration for this new collection is the motifs and artworks within the palaces of Rajasthan. The interiors so exotic and magnificent with their textures and gleaming frescoes were enough for me to create our latest range this season.

SONIA-What are your plans for the future?

RAJDEEP-We like to believe in consistency. We aren’t in any sort of a rat race and I don’t want to be a part of that or I’d be heading towards burning my creativity out. The future is always near to my senses with a new inspiration and a theme to be developed into something wearable…we always hope to delight and surprise our esteemed clientele.

SONIA-What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

RAJDEEP-Never ape another. Be yourself, just as the individual you are. Create designs that are an extension of your own personality and not a copy of another’s brand.



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Ranawat Inc.
B 41/12, Royal Plaza Market,
Opposite Masjid, Sector 31,
NOIDA 201301

Mob : +91 9810115341
Web : www.rajdeepranawat.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/rajdeep.ranawat.official

Instagram : @rajdeep.ranawat.official

Twitter : @RajdeepRanawat

This Collection is Exclusively Available at COLLAGE BOUTIQUE DUBAI ( 04-3255753)


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