How is 2017 treating you? It’s been a roller coaster for me so far with Manu new exciting projects coming up on Wardrobe secrets ( and can you believe we have already stepped into the month of February. February maybe the shortest month of the year but it surely does spark up all the love and excitement in the air.

In this fast pace of life, it becomes difficult and tougher to stay connected to the people we actually love and care about. But February gives us this opportunity when we all can keep our work and digital life aside and for once live the reality of our existence. Yes of course! I am talking about Valentine’s Day which is celebrated on 14th of February all over the world to acknowledge the romantic love,friendship and admiration.

i know the first thing comes to our mind ladies is what I am going to wear this Valentine’s Day on that special date. Don’t you worry as I have got you covered with this post wherein I will show you how you can style different looks based on the type of date you are going on.

Casual Day Date:

if you are going on a casual date such as for a movie, shopping or lunch you can opt for this style which I suggest is mostly a day wear option. Tan being the new black , is very good colour to opt for a day date. This bodycon dress with deep V string front is easy to carry and gives a fresh charming look. I have paired it with knee-length boots since it is still a bit cold with winters just defending and who doesn’t love boots. I simply don’t need a reason to wear boots but you can also pair it with sneakers for a more casual look.


Sundown Look:

For an evening I decided to go for a monochrome look with this black & white floral print maxi dress and paired it with black leather jacket in case it gets a bit cold. Slots are back in fashion and it’s the best time to show off those sexy long legs. The side slit on this maxi dress is sexy yet elegant at the same time. Smoky eyes and tonged hair accentuates the boldness and feminism of the entire look.


Clubbing Date:

For all the party lovers, you are simply going to love this look. For once you can go all bizarre without worrying about being uncomfortable. You must have heard “A little bling never hurts anyone” but this sequenced jumpsuit is meant to kill girls of jealousy. This sequenced jumpsuit is extremely comfortable to wear yet looks really hot. You can let your hair down and party your heart out in this look.


Hope you find this helpful and don’t forget to check my blog Wardrobe Secrets for more insights into the latest fashion trends and product reviews!

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