Designers interview are the perfect opportunity to get closer to a brand and designer it self and to learn more about their motivations, designs and inspirations . This time, we spoke with UK/UAE based amazing designer Saadia, who told us how she started her career and where she imagines herself in near future. We are waiting to see Saadia expand her brand into UAE fashion markets and gain even more buzz . The designer recently took a step towards that direction and launched her beautiful bridal collection in UAE. Every single design she created, gets a “gotta have, must-have” gasp from us.

Sonia: Hi Saadia!Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

 Saadia:I always had something to do with the fashion designing, starting initially (not from the degree) but the way i always liked to dress  up myself  and above all, see others and advice them on ‘how to get dressed up for the occasion/with the proper attire and outfit or even if done on a casual note, they would always seek their advice on how to get dressed up for a particular occasion.Such encouragements and appreciation from the general public helped me in proceeding ahead with my passion to do something as a designer. From my school days to office, i would always find some ways out to look different from the rest and dress up in a way where i could experiment with my own style statements and whatever i liked with the trend but with a difference. I would always credit my mum for this as she has the same likeness and passion to try out some new fashion trends and looks, styles and outfits , say it if it has to do with a boho style to gypsy cut maxis etc. And because of that, i was even called out as a fashion rebel (who in a fashion term would try any new stuff before it might hit the market in terms of trends). I always believed that everything and every fashion (with or without trend) would look nice and suits you only if you know the art of carrying it well and at your best. It’s also because an individual knows his/her body type , physique and stature or a general picture of style and statement on their own self.

Sonia: What does fashion means to you?

Saadia: Fashion is about expressing your own self (personally according to the styles and current mood), showing it in general who you are through your fashion sense and choices made while picking up any outfit or a trend and using your clothes as a statement to show and tell about yourself as an overall personality which others might perceive about you from the outlook  . Or at least if to be applied on me (on a general term)- I suppose for some people clothing is just about comfort or buying to cater their seasonal needs but for me it’s about expressing myself as a whole and a person i am. I would wear and carry anything if its according to my taste and suits my stature/physique
Sonia-Do you try to keep with the trends or create your own?
Saadia: As mentioned above, i would always go with anything which i think might go or suits me with many best available options and open choices  , say it if it’s in trend or something if i would create for myself ( though i do always draw a final picture of what i want to carry for the occasion or maybe casually ) but i would wear something that i see it as the best trendsetting outfit for myself , for the occasion,  taste and/or my decision to choose (opinions rarely when in doubt)

Sonia-Tell us about latest trends in bridal/ formal wear?

Saadia: They say ‘Old is gold’

Lately i am observing that the latest trends on bridals/formals are going back to the fashion trends that was set in 80’s and 90’s as in cuts and styles that includes shararas, ghararas, jodhpuri and rajasthani lehngas(not to ignore the intricate work patterns done in the moghul era /old traditional work) . On the general work terms as in patterns, cuts, embroidery and embellishments, it still has some deep roots of traditional work on a cloth connected from centuries like pitta, dabka, tilla, marori , katdanaa done on selected pure raw silk, mahsoori, zardozi embroidery/patterned cloth , jamawaar or chiffon cloth (as per to the choices provided by the bride to be herself). So the trend and uniqueness credits always goes with what designer chooses best as a signature work/look or cuts with colors and contrast outputs with his/her signature looks created on their catalogs.

Sonia-What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your fashion house?

 Saadia: 1.Always listen to what your clients say in general as they are technically always right with their provided guidelines , demands and budget.
2. Always listen carefully to find out the best possible alternatives if with any underlying problems or criticism. It will always help us in improving our skills and general understandings to the needs, supply, demands and wants of our clients.
 Sonia-classic wear in bridal wear (something that doesn’t go out of style)
Saadia: For me , it’s a jamawar silk or banarsee (woven or worked on) heavy embellished bridal wears with raw silk or chiffon.
 Sonia-What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?
 Saadia: 1.Study the market first and try to deal with the clients as much as possible in order to know their demands/ liking of the trends.
2. Do the proper homework before launching any outlet or a brand of your own as fashion industry is full of many talented designers and with some fierce competition. I would say that it is more of an aggressive market. Your Good work can go unnoticed if not promoted or marketed properly.
Sonia-What were your inspirations for the designs you created for this shoot?
 Saadia: My set of designs for this shoots are the combinations of many work inspired by various  themes and traditional work along with the outputs of many people involved in this shoot. Credit goes to the photographer jehanzeb bhai and the makeup artist pernia zantash khan along with my sister sameera and nouur malik who’ve always guided me on the background ideas and poses/ outfit settings and the trending style feedback from both the middle east and Asian markets. i wouldn’t have done any justice with my designed outfits if not provided with the right jewelry. Again credit goes to pernia who arranged it all with chhaya bhattia , a wonderful dedicated woman who came up with so many mind blowing beautiful jewelry pieces made of stones and kundan ( my favourite). Chhaya has actually selected and provided me with all the pieces that went really well with all my designs and with justified look which i have always thought and asked for. Not to forget umm Ali samreen who provided me with the location idea and a place for the second day shoot

Sonia– Saadia as a Mom?

  Saadia: As a mother ( my kids ,their upbringing and education is my utmost priority). I am juggling up with so many roles at the moment and balancing my life as a homemaker and a businesswoman as well ( a registered pharmacist in UK , working as a managing partners/ acting director at my husband’s locums hiring firm) which is a bit challenging and difficult for me at times but i would confess here that i have learned a lot by being more dedicated towards any assigned work with an effective time management skills . i am set to launch my own brand/ outlet here in the UK officially on 11-12th feb 2017 in Olympia and Excel London @Asian bride live show  (one of the most famous and renowned fashion platform in England) along with store opening projects coming up.(store opening soon in Karachi , Pakistan within few months in sha Allah
Online official launch is on 1st January  2017
Thank you
Team behind this BRIDAL SHOOT:
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