Hi guys. I’m Hania, a beautyvlogger as DamnSheKnows, From Pakistan
I want to share something with you. something that’s taking over mine and yours self esteem.
So, I have always given advices to girls, through my instagram DM. You’ll be surprised, the most asked question I get. Is …

“How can I whiten my skin?”

Yes. The most asked, asking me to suggest them bleaches, creams and what not to whiten their gleaming skins. While I answer, it kinda hurts me. In every sentence, I try convincing them that skin is the most natural, the most beautiful layer you have. Made from the mud of the nation you belong to, please accept it?
But how can I convince them? When it is us, the nation. The mud, that pressurizes our young flowers, that they should’nt be a rose. They should be a daisy. They should’nt be colored, they should be white.
How can I convince them? That the skin they want to whiten, is the skin some try to get by tanning themselves. So that the highlighters they wear can shine even brighter, on the colored, gleaming textured skin.
Why? Why would anyone want to change that. It’s not their fault; they have been cultured by their mud, the nation. Recently, I asked a friend. Why would anyone do that? Would you?
Heres what she said. Yes, either you accept it or not. This is the standard of beauty here Hania, please! Don’t fool yourself by tanning yourself for just highlighter.
She was right.
Because that’s what she was taught, that’s what she experienced. That’s what we’re all being taught. We, roses changing ourselves into daisies, because of the mud we’re born in can’t accept us as the flowers we are.

It makes me mad, WHY
Why can’t we change the mud, instead of changing the flowers?
Why can’t this environment, become the environment that accepts roses instead of that which demands daisies. Why do our girls spend amounts, bleaching and bleaching away the colors they’re blessed with. Why do we promote it?
This is our color. Our recognition, the beauty we were born with, we’re like the colors of a rainbow, with different shades of certain colors. From fair to dark, yellow to browns, pink to reds. All over the world.
we’re born with it. Why change it?

Please don’t

Instagram www.instagram.com/damnsheknows/


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