Hey guys! We are talking about red lip color today. Red lipstick is a beauty staple in every woman’s life. You are sorta incomplete without it because there are days when just one swipe of the magic red tube on your lips can change your whole game. Red lips are modern, classic, retro and just absolutely fabulous.

You have probably heard the phrase, “you can’t go wrong with a red lip.” Let me burst your bubble, you can go totally wrong with the red lip. Yes, you can. How? I have a myriad collection of reds in my makeup stash and it has nothing to do with my hoarding problem. The fact is it’s a collection based on trial and error to find the perfect red that compliments my skin tone. You need to find the red that is a perfect match for you. Apparently soul mates are not the only match we have to find in life. HA!
So let’s determine the right kinda red lipstick.
Our skin has undertones to them. They can be categorized in three groups and you can determine which group you fall into based on the color of your veins. Yes, veins check the back of your wrist. So here it is;
1. Cool undertones – blue toned veins. More towards pinkish undertones on your face.
2. Warm undertones – green toned veins. Yellow or golden undertones.
3. Neutral – if you can’t determine whether you have blue or green veins because it looks like both then this is the category you fall in.
Another brilliant way to figure this undertone stuff out is to take out a piece of gold and silver jewelry and put it against your skin to see which one looks more fabulous. Silver would look great on someone with cooler undertones whereas gold would complement more against warm undertones. However, if you can’t decide and you think that you look equally awesome in both then fall in the neutral category.
If by now you have figured out your undertone, here’s a list of few reds that will complement your skin tone type so that you don’t have to go through the trauma of searching ‘the red’ on your own.
Cool undertones
1. Anastasia Beverly Hills – American Doll.
2. Maybelline – On fire red.
3. Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Long-Wear Lip Color –Pirate.
4. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick – Kitten Heels.
5. MAC –Ruby woo.


Warm undertones
1. Anastasia Beverly Hills –Bloodline.
2. MAC –Lady Danger.
3. NYX Round Lipstick –Eros.
4. Sleek Ultra Smooth Matte Lip Cream –Rioja Red.
5. NARS –Heat wave.


It goes without saying; Neutral undertones can play around with any of the shades above.

Hopefully this was helpful to a lot of you and if all this time you were thinking why a color looks better on a celebrity when you have the same skin tone as her, now you know the answer, its all about the undertones.
Happy hunting the perfect red.
Until next time .

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