Airplane tickets check….

Visa documentation check….

Excitement + anxiety check…


well lets face it that’s how we came to the happening UAE referred to as Dubai …

So little we know u might end up living in sharjah and Ajman because c’mon its affordable and more Desi. Well that’s only the first thing rest is to follow:

It all starts with missing all the big family meet ups every weekend and those yuuum street foods. And for housewives ahhh u miss those “massiz”(housemaids) the most when u got to do everything by yourself initially


No matter how much u miss home But once your here i have experienced after a whole life in Saudi and a bit of a life in Pakistan that the most adventurous and amazing life can only happen in DUBAI.


You have got the tallest building with and amazing view and one of the biggest flower garden in the middle of the sandy desert.
You have got theme parks for that adrenaline rush and those lovely sandy beaches for romantic times with your husband or a fun day with your whole family
You have got the vast variety of brands in the vast choice of malls and if u like being lazy you have the option of watching every Bollywood Hollywood movie rite when its released.
 If your a foodie like me this place is heaven from fine dining experiences like the atmosphere or Latitude to lazy hang out cafes like Hard Rock Cafe or Roof Top Lounge. In Dubai even the desi street food cravings doesn’t go unanswered Bur Dubai and karama are just the place to be.
And for housewives or socialites Dubai has the most happening ladies groups planning events,breakfast,dinners and parties for that girly fun times and also for serious women issues and causes.
Fact is it takes a lot of time,effort ups and downs to come settle in a happening fast moving country like UAE. But once you are an emirate resident u got to accept nothing matches up to our expectation. No matter whatever destinations u travel for leisure the luxury of Dubai is unmatchable.

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