So I do recall a time when the online food delivery websites were scarce and famished with sufficient restaurants to display.
Spool 6 years back, it was a challenge for me to order food for lunches. Despite my office being on SZR, I used to loathe at lunch time as I explained my address to a guy who faces a tough time understanding basic English.
Today I see every restaurant getting its portion of promotion through every second food delivery website. People have certainly become more tech-friendly and carefree to opt for their choice of food via online orders. You no longer have to worry about breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and everything in between! Nor do you have to go through the awful procedure of repeating your address for the ninth time before the customer service representative takes down the wrong street number. Thanks to today’s technology and our intelligent online shopping addictions via e-commerce, there’s not one, but many to opt from.
Today I shall share my experience with the websites I have ordered food till date:
1. Foodonclick – This was my first love. A website I will never forget; who came to my rescue back when hardly any food delivery website was as professional as them. Simply select your location/area and the page filters down the restaurants who would deliver in your area. This website gives you a wide array of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. Let your eyes ogle at the endless menus available as your stomach noises accompany you through each of the menu items. Gobble gobble.
2. Talabat – I was a bit hesitant initially to use them due to lack of user friendly page but the main reason I moved to them was their ease of providing online card payments as well card payments on delivery. Formerly they weren’t competent in providing an adequate number of restaurants, but recently with their page re-designed and introducing a variety of cuisine and ample restaurants, this has certainly made its way on my Top 5.
3. 24h.ae – This site is plain awesome because you can build your own address book for all of the different locations you may need delivery, never having to re-type each address every time you order. In fact, with the help of Google maps, you just need to stick your virtual tack on the map to pinpoint any location your heart (and stomach) desires, and simply label it: home, office, Emma’s house etc. This proves to be drama and pain free as opposed to describing your location and attempting to give directions.  You also get points for ordering from certain restaurants which you can claim in the form of free food later!
4. Zomato – This is my current favorite by all means. Reason? I’ve been a Zomato user for years, and the way they have kicked in the market recently is impressive. It’s hard when you enter a competitive market and have to have an extra flair to get some bonus points. Extremely user friendly, they have a huge variety of restaurants whom they have tied up with for delivery; and here comes the best part; most of them are currently offering a discount which ranges from 10-20% on total bill if you order via Zomato!
5. Yalla Eat – Yalla, eat? Brilliant! A website so aptly named for us in the UAE, it boldly highlights the horrors in ordering food the old school way, and turns your time-consuming, frustrating, and energy draining nightmares into many yummy dreams. A new, user friendly website with a fresh serving to the online food delivery scene. In true Jerry Maguire fashion, this website “had me at hello.” Head on over to their homepage if you’d like to experience being swept off your feet as well!

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