Hey guys! This is my first post on my Blog and I am Sooooo Excited !!! I don’t wana write long and boring posts..but just as crisp as it can get J

It had to start with my holy grail product – Lip Balms!! Especially cause I have dry lips and especially cause I wear long stay liquid lipsticks during the day at work which leave my lips very dry. Well.. to my rescue is my lip balms

According to a recent poll that I read, the average woman uses lip balm anywhere from two to 30 times a day. Yeah, you read that right — 30 times!!

I have tried and tested a handful of lip balms which are in the market and here’s my quick review on a few:

10. Himalaya Herbals Natural Intensive Lip Balm: Himalaya is an Indian brand known for its herbal products. The texture is not so smooth as others and the scent is putting off. Except for the few immediate minutes after the applying, this lip balm doesn’t stay longer and so is among my least favorites.

9. Nivea Lip Balms: The Nivea Fruity shine lip balms are yummy! They are easy to apply and the fruity shine after application is lovely. The Nivea lip balms range also includes the Nivea Essential Care lip balm which actually is a big disappointment in terms of the texture and usage though. It gets a little messy n both do not last very well.

8. Max Factor Lip Balm: I love the Max Factor long lasting liquid lipsticks and hence got this balm too for pre as well as post lipstick application. Well that is what it works well at. Few minutes before u apply your lipstick, swipe it over your lips and you are ready for the lipstick albeit plus the moisture.

7. Labello: A post on Lip Balms would not be complete without the mention of Labello. They word labello is synonymous with lip balms! Yes they started it all..atleast for me..since school days I have been using this until of course I move to better stuff
Nevertheless they serve the purpose minus the good smell.

6. Lip Ice Lip Balms: These are one of my favorite ones. Long lasting and cooling, many fruity flavors. Cooling and refreshing because they have menthol content in it. Best part is it has SPF 15 too! However I get these from India and haven’t seen them in the UAE market…yet.

5. H&M Overnight Lip Rescue: This is a Fab product. It is like a treatment to my lips. Dab it to my lips and I can still feel the moisture on my lips the next morning! Yeah, this one surely does what it claims. Indeed an overnight lip rescue and a must have for those days when the lips feels super dry.

4. Victoria Secret Tinted Lip Balm: This one has a lovely lip gloss finish though the texture is of a lip balm. It has a cooling feel too, the peppermint ingredient. Its a win-win overall. Except that I prefer lip balms in stick forms rather than pots. Yeah for hygiene and the mess n sticky.. blah.

3. H&M Lip Balm with Shea Butter: Omg I love the way this balm resembles a glue stick! Oh yea so many times people around ask me; “did u just put glue on your lip?” Lol well no its a lip balm duh! And such a huge one at dat, well that helps cause you see for people who have thick lips like mine its so easy peasy in one go! It lasts on my lips a couple of hours and moisturizes them well.

2. Boots No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm: This tiny cutie tube is a wonder! The SPF 15, trendy color selection, hydration and the fact that they are not sticky do set them apart from other tinted balms. If you like a light glossy tint of color with UV protection that is non-sticky and comfortable to wear look no further!

1. Maybelline Baby Lips: Well this lip balm is my love. The texture, the colour, the packaging, the lonngggg stay makes it my Love. Though I wish it had sun protection as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading the post. Would love to hear your reviews and comments!

Post By Hala Nazim
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