we got a chance to interview famous Makeup artist Mona Adil! she’s passionate about helping her brides look their best and feel confident for their special day. Her natural ability to make her brides not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful has made her a successful and everyone’s favorite makeup artist! Let’s begin this interview by knowing bit about her !

Sonia:Describe yourself and the salon?
Mona:A born makeup artist, running Beauty Iconz Salon which offers all the top and luxury makeup, hair and skin services in town. I’ve always been obsessed with cosmetics. As a child, while other girls of my age would play outside, I would invade my mother’s makeup (Lol). Obsessively, I would draw eyes, lips and face, I guess my calling was makeup. The first unofficial bride that I made was at the age of 14, pretty much shows how much I’ve been into makeup since the very beginning. Till now, my experience in makeup includes courses from Newlook Salon in Lahore, Juice hair academy in Mumbai, one-to-one makeup sessions with Makeup forever, MAC pro, Nars in LA and New York, Sephora in Vegas and Samer Khouzami in Dubai, which makes me a versatile makeup artist. At the sametime, I’m a happily married wife and a mother to a 19 year old daughter.
Sonia:Who inspired you throughout your career?
Mona: I don’t think I would’ve been where I’m today if I didn’t have my mother to support and encourage me through all times. She is my beauty pageant! All the good attributes that I have in me, especially, the ability to balance everything simultaneously, be it my personal or professional life are all adopted from my mother. Forever grateful to her for the unconditional love and support. Love you Ami! Secondly, without any doubt I can say that one of my major inspirations throughout my career is my aunt, and a very well-known makeup artist of her time, Gohar Mirza. She left us at her early 30’s when her makeup career at its peak. It was my wish to get my makeup done by her on my big day, sadly this wish remained a wish. Rest in peace Gohar Khala.

Sonia:How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?
Mona: I have been a professional makeup artist for as long as 11 years now; starting from a room in my house where I started my salon, to a successful beauty lounge today. It took me all these years to stand where I am today. The trust that I’ve gained from my family and initial brides in that home-based salon, paved the platform for my later success
Sonia:What do you love most about makeup?
Mona. I think makeup is a game of colors. Being a fine arts student in college, I always liked blending colors and painting on the canvas. The face is now my canvas. I really love the creative aspect of makeup where you get to create a new and totally different look everyday. Makeup is an art, and you don’t need to go to school to learn this art. It improves with experience only.
Sonia:If not a makeup artist, what else would you do?
Mona: I was always fascinated by costumes in fashion shows and magazines. If not a makeup artist, then I would have definitely been a fashion/costume designer.

Sonia: who is your childhood inspiration?

Mona: my school teacher Mrs Gulnar Kaizad is my childhood inspiration ,Like any other kid, I’ve been highly influenced by my mentors, and one of those happen to be my English teacher Mrs Gulnar Kaizad. I learnt a lot more than English language from her. She is a woman of substance, her sophisticated & polished personality changed me & my writing forever
Sonia:How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other MUAs?
Mona:I’m highly obsessed with European fashion magazines because they are spot on with trends, and this can be seen in my makeup too. A fusion of western and classical look is my signature. I prefer enhancing natural beauty rather than covering it up, makeup should enhance rather than make the muse look like a completely different person. I take suggestions from my brides about the look they want for their wedding day. I try to take something I’ve seen, I’ve read or heard about and throw my own twist into the overall look, this is the style that sets me apart from other MUAs.
Sonia:What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
Mona:Less is more, and you’re out the door. My advice to women is that keep it natural, moisturize and cleanse your skin on daily basis as well as apply sunblock whenever heading out to avoid premature aging and pigmentation. Drink lots of water, take vitamins, detoxify, and keep your skin fresh because beauty is skin deep!
Sonia:What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?
Mona:Most women feel that they have to pay attention to every square inch of their face. Often, you should play a feature you feel is your best. Don’t be reluctant to take chances, most people are afraid to change their makeup because they feel their face is how others perceive them.
Sonia:What products do you think should be a staple in every women’s purse?
Mona: Those makeup products that have dual purposes should be a staple in every women’s purse like the double sided brown/cream eye liner pencil by Urban Decay. The brown side can be used as an eye liner as well as shaping eye brows while the cream side helps to enhance the inner corners of the eyes. Lip balms are a must in your purse, because they keep your lips moisturized and give a natural rouge effect to your cheeks too. A CC cream (compact concealer plus sunblock) and a perfume. All these items are essential in a women’s purse.
Sonia:Whats your favorite makeup brush?
Mona: I have many brushes from various brands that I have accumulated over the years but my favorite is the flat contour brush by Makeup forever, and the Duo fiber MAC cosmetic brush, perfect for blending in colors and doesn’t absorb the powder.

Sonia:What are your favorite fall/winter 2016 beauty trends?
Mona:The triumphant return of glitter, and blackcurrant lips along with lacquered curls to gently undulating fringes. Not only this, but healthy fresh skin finished off with the radiance of peachy glow are all my favorite fall/winter 2016 beauty trends.
Sonia:What do you love most about your job?
Mona:Makeup is a career unlike any other. It has allowed me to live my dream, taken me around the globe and given me experiences.
The list is too long to measure my love for my job.
There are three things I will share with few that fall a top.
Firstly, socializing with people;
I’ve been fortunate to meet celebrities like Parvez Musharraf, Shahrukh Khan, topnotch MUAs and stylists, CEOs of companies like dermalogica, Samer Khouzami, and many like-minded makeup gurus.
Secondly, confidence due to traveling and learning;
I love to learn, which fuels me with more confidence, new trends, techniques & product knowledge is like air to me. Beauty has taken me to different parts of world and experiencing the different art & cultures is the great perk of the job.
Thirdly, Self Satisfaction and Self reflection;
I love my power that makeup gives me to change a person’s personal outlook ,everyone has beauty often forget that, its super satisfying when my small additions allow them to walk through the world with style and confidence. I love being able to show my clients just how beautiful they are.
In working with so many people, and hearing about their insecurities, I have been able to reflect on my own. Taking a time to do so has made me a better and kinder person.
Sonia: How do you unwind after a long day?
Mona: Well, my day doesn’t end in a way. I go home and update my followers on the social media, and there is nothing more relaxing than walking into the lovely smiles on your family’s faces because you know there are people who are happy to see you. I nurture their company. I would spend time asking about their day and tell them about mine. It relaxes me the most after a long tiring day.

According to Mona The fashion makeup trends for spring 2017 are all about moving away from the heavy makeup style of Instagram. Instead, the spring and summer season will have makeup styles that are quick and effortless, and naturally beautiful.
Gone were the thick eyebrows and graphic lips of yesteryear. Heavy cream contour was nowhere in sight…. So let’s Blend with trend!
What I personally like about her work is the way she give beautiful name to every look she creates, this shows her passion and creativity.Let’s have a look at her recent bridal shoot in Dubai!


✨Bird of Paradise✨the stunning AvantGarde-Nature inspired look in #dubai on stunning Model Julia also a Pageant queenUSSR 2015
Today I’m sharing my luv for Makeup, Nature & colourful plumage of birds, there distinctive & striking natural hues always attract me! Which also reminds me about the 90’s colourful fashion trends,also reviving by top fashion designers!
So here I created this look with @hinabutt beautiful & royal Red bridaldress!
Eyes:keeping in mind the Feathers of bird I applied #hudabeautylashes #samantha on her permanent fixed lashes, added gold glitter & satin gilded gold on lid to compliment the peacock blue on lowerwaterline! Eye definition is kept lil classic with winged eyeliner to match the ethnic jewellery & regal dress!
Skin: flawlessly covered, highlight/contoured,rouged to compliment the kaleidoscopic Red ?
Hair: side swept neatly tied updo to enhance her beautiful jawline.

By Mona!





  • Makeup Artist: Mona Adil
  • Outfits:  Hina Butt
  • Jewelry: Simple Ideas
  • Photography: Jze Photography
  • Interview :Sonia Kamran

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