“Your physical beauty is temporary and fleeting. Your identity is in the Creator, not the amount of likes you receive. You have new mercies each morning that are more beautiful than you will ever be. Rest in that truth.”

Life is hard being a girl. 
But to every girl reading this, you are loved and worthy. Never forget that. I want to remind every woman and girl reading this to keep pressing on. Press on towards loving your Creator, stop pressing on to look good in a bikini, stop pressing on towards trying to please that mean girl. Stop looking back at your mistakes and look forward to what God is calling you to do in your present.

Coming from a girl who spent many of her high school years over-dieting and working herself out to the point where she would cry on the scale– I know insecurity. I know what it feels like to be judged and made of fun of because of your looks , i know how it feels like to hate your body. But I also know how temporary your body is.!!  

I know your thoughts. When you stand in the mirror and complain in your mind about how your “hair is too thin”, your “thighs are too large”, and that your “nose is weirdly shaped”– I hear it. I know your thoughts on your stomach and your pimples that seem to get only worse when it is your time of the month. I hear you complain about wanting a bigger butt and a smaller waist. I see you stalk random people on social media who look like you wish you did. I hear you compare yourself to other girls. I even heard your tears that night the boy broke your heart and you thought it was because you weren’t pretty enough.

The truth is that behind each bikini picture, model test-shot, and senior picture is 
still a girl who wakes up and doesn’t feel “pretty enough.” Behind every girl at the beach is a girl who at one point in time doubted her worth because she doesn’t always have a flat stomach. Behind every confident Instagram post is a girl who screenshotted six filter options and texted her group message, “do my arms look fat in this?” 

Now, I’m about to tell you something that you probably didn’t expect to hear from me, but: you don’t feel pretty enough, because you aren’t pretty enough.

I know you think you aren’t pretty enough. 
But you weren’t created to be enough for the world. You weren’t created even for this world. You were created for something bigger than getting 100 likes on your selfie. You were created for something more important than having a hot guy comment the fire emoji on your stylista chic picture. You were created to find joy in your purpose of serving God and his creation, not how you look on a Friday night.

Allah designed you. Every part of you. Even that piece of hair that never will straighten in the corner on your head. Even your freckles you so often try to cover up. HE created your body shape, and your hair. HE created you in the image of best of creations, for a reason greater than being gawked at by guys.

Hey girls, here’s the truth. We struggle with thinking our worth comes from the world–and that is a sin. We are putting the world’s view of us ahead of our relationship with Christ. Because of this, insecurity is causing you to insult the image of our Creator’s masterpiece in the mirror you see each morning.

You are beautiful. But you are not beautiful because you finally got Kylie Jenner’s lip kit, or because some boy commented the fire emoji on your bikini picture. You are beautiful because your creator is beautiful and He created you in His image. However, when you get to the gates God won’t ask you if you are a size 0 or if you had curves in all the right places. He’s going to ask how you loved Him and how you loved others He’s going to ask if you used your body to serve Him, not if yours body was the hot topic of that hot fraternities group. Your life is made to be an offering to the One who gave everything so you may be forgiven. Your purpose is not be attractive. You are beautiful but not because of anything you have done. You are beautiful because your Creator made you.

So you aren’t pretty enough for the world– but you are pretty enough for the King of Kings and THAT is something to celebrate !!!



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