Yes as the name says it it’s a virus widely spread in Dubai past few years and recently a lot.
I too caught this virus back in 2011 when I decided to immigrate to Canada with my two small kids age 3 & 7 leaving my whole family here in Dubai where I was literally born & raised,went to school,did multiple jobs,got married,gave birth and I have even my father grave here…….
Still I took this bold step of saying bye to my mother,sisters,childhood friends and yes to my husband to unknown cold land called Canada! Where I didn’t know anyone , not familiar with culture of western world which was altogether alien to me .
Why I did that many will ask & yes they did asked me that time, some called me mad,some said I will run back in 6months,some said I will end up in depression etc.
Inshort I was like a Ginea Pig to all my peex here in Dubai,Dubai which is home to many immigrants from different parts of the world, where mostly people have lavish comfortable tax free life,happening,easily available maids,home deliveries of grocery,food etc inshort a charming life of Dubai which nobody wants to leave and go….


Again question I still did it because the only drawback of living whole your life here in middle east which call home isn’t home for ya ! You are and still be a visitor,a visitor who be asked to leave anytime if things go wrong.
Well for this reason me & many like me look for options.Option of security and sense of belonging some where,some where where you can live without fear of getting kicked out,a place where you call home and no one can question that,a place where your current and future generations can live with pride that yes we are citizen of this land!!!!
My whole point of writing this blog is today that if you have got up with immigration virus too and gonna take the plunge soon remember its not going to be a joy ride.
There will be hardships beyond your imaginations,sacrifices beyond your control!

Out of experience of 5 years I can say there will be good days where you feel you made the right move and bad days where you will question yourself “what the hell am I doing here alone”???if you can afford it you will be having a full time maid or part time to help you out or if u cant or choose not be ready to clean your own toilets,throw garbage,carry groceries,do dishes,laundry,picking dropping kids from school then extra activities and Quran classes etc ( been there done it all ) single hand.Not to forget the -0 to -40 c weather?
Yea to prove that you have been faithfully living your required days there for immigration and citizenship purpose you have to take up a volunteer job or any other job to be a part of community which is very important.You gotta make friends and have some support system especially during those long 8 months of cold,harsh winters or else survival is very difficult.

My experience of 5 years of living in Canada was blend of everything u can imagine!
I have huge respect for that country because I saw humanity&equality rules there.


Nobody will judge you no matter where you live , what you wear (no brands crazy race)
I end up making some amazing friends,friends who were like family in unknown land.
There will be some sleepless nights where your mind will be just be a wanderer thinking of giving up and going back to your comfort zone,your family back to Dubai and yet there will be days where you will be at peace with just simple cup of tims enjoying all 4 seasons.

At the end if you are lucky enough to get the citizenship the big question will come to go back to where you came from or by that time you are fallen in love with the country you live in?????
Well, it depends purely on ya !!! For me I can proudly say now that I have 2 countries which I can call home and home away from home……both have their own charms and flaws!
But remember nothing comes easy there will be non stop sacrifices , there will be gloomy days and yet some colourful rainbow moments!
If you have gotten the immigration virus too living in city of lights DuBai then be mentally ready for a big change,and above all kindly leave without any comparision between two countries as it will be whole together new chapter in your life ( as I know many still cribs and cries about missing Dubai ? )
Positive and strong thankful attitude u need to survive any where in the world . If you have that then make big move if u don’t then stay where u are !!!!!!
AUTHOR: Shareen Khan

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