We all follow trends that we get to know through various channels like magazines ,fashion shows ,blogs etc.Trend not only help us to enhance our style but also keep us up to date .As a fashion blogger this is my believe that keeping yourself well informed regarding the current trends of Fashion helps you to become one of the person you always wanted to be . means the desired look can always be achieved by simply follow the trends that’s suits you and you may carry it according to your personality .
I am mehwish , and I will be sharing with you a small review that what is in these days during this coming fall and winters.
As per color authority, six brand new Pantone colors, is so beautiful we’re already craving autumn. The ten-shade palette was inspired by a “desire for tranquility, strength, and optimism,” and it includes several classic fall hues, such as mustard yellow, gray, and taupe. A few of the hues including a vibrant fuchsia — come as a surprise though. The idea of comforting blues coming to the top of the list again shows that people are still searching for that reassurance.


I think I should start with the lips ,because I believe lip colour is something which covers your entire makeup . Deep, dark, dramatic hues were undeniably the biggest trend for lips this season. Dark deepest lips aah !! cant wait to rock this trend on myself . Sparky winged !! yes you read it right .this trend is something you can wear on parties and events. For this Simple and easy trend you just need glitter with black liner. Trace a thick line along your top lashes and a thin one along the bottom, and add mascara top and bottom. Pick a loose glitter in a color of your choice . Dip your brush in the gel, then in the loose glitter, and begin tapping it onto the outer corners of the eyes, gradually bringing it out to the temples. You may need to repeat that step a second time to get the amount of glitter you want, but once that’s done, take whatever’s left on your brush and apply it along the top and bottom lash lines.


Velvet is back—in a rainbow palette. Seasonal tones of russet, plum and burnt sienna being the early standouts. Velvet is one of the most popular materials this Fall Winter 2016-2017,that is a fact. Have you ever considered buying velvet shoes? They won’t just complete your outfit, making it unique.
Metallic trend that is a must-have for those ladies who want to shine like diamonds. Let’s be honest, shimmery fashion can be hard to pull off without looking like a disco ball. But when gorgeous slip dresses and neat pleated skirts came down we are truly urging to wear this trend .the best way to wear metallics .wear it with nothing !! like no ACCESSORIES
SUEDE is a winters delight J Here are some suitable materials for fall & Winter. Warm, encompassing, comfy as well and it adds texture to your outfits ,we love to use comfy material as layering outfits to give texture and comfort to your outfits.We truly like beige caramel softened cowhide and purplish red velvet. Skirts, dresses, tops, coats, satchels, everything!


We know 90’s trend choker came back again and I think we are enough of chokers and I am assuming girls are carrying this very well but it is a coincidence that every trend of 90’s are back to rock the trend again ,yes , I am talking about the forever-sporty, off-duty favorite the bomber jacket. Reminiscent of military pilot style, this easy piece is perfect for those on-the-go moments. Not to mention that it’s a really good way to rock the athleisure trend while still looking pulled together (and decidedly not like you’re coming straight from the gym!)
Fringes and tassels !
Nowadays I am doing little experiment with my jewelry as well,fringes and tassel jewelry will rock this season ,not only in jewelry you can find these beauties in shoes and bags too




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