Kuchi Afghan jewelry pieces are beautiful bold and filled with color and sound and there’s no harm in calling these beautiful pieces a joyful jewelry.  Beautiful vintage Kuchi tribal jewelry is so much in trend these days even Hollywood/Bollywood celebrities are flaunting this beautiful Afghan pieces. This beautiful Afghan Necklace Attached with band of chained jewels, and bordered with small white and red beads , with black cotton backing for comfortable wear. Kuchi Headpieces cover the entire head,quite heavy and filled with vibrant colors.  A must have for this season.

Shoot Details:

  • Jewelry:             Simple Ideas
  • Makeup:            Pernia Mua
  • Hairstyle:          Zahabiyah mustafa
  • Photography:  Jze Photography
  • Model:               Julia




Small introduction of our contributors:

Simple ideas:

Jewels by simple ideas loves creating new trend .
Introducing new trends and making mark on it .
Loves experimenting new styles with some twists .
Usually known for our bridal sets .making brides big day unforgettable. We deal in all sort of jewelry .customized as client wish .Main Moto is to make clients happy through our work and quality
Our quality matters that’s why we don’t compromise on quality .Rates are different as quality is different


Jze Photography:

I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER I started photography 6 years back. I want my images to evoke a narrative, but in a way that is open to interpreting. My images are fabricated , because I love the ability to control what happens. The images I create are influenced by environment and locations. My images are not always about the people I photograph, instead I see them as actors playing a part. It is important that there is a strong connection between the location and the people in my images. Aesthetic always plays a role, but I feel it should support the overall vision. I try to be transparent in my work. I prefer the viewer to see the images with their own eyes, and bring their own interpretation.



I am a freelance makeup artist, A youtuber… started working 2 years back…
As a MAKEUP ARTIST I have ability to transform the human canvas into desired character or appearance within allotted time frame. I often work with the clients/celebrities to enhance their physical features and create a flawless appearance as an artist I have a broad range of common skills, but specialized in Asian, Arabic and European makeup. my experience in makeup and in media as a YouTuber will make me stand out from the crowd.


Zahabiyah Mustafa
Hairstylist from Mumbai to Dubai
been in Dubai for the past 15yrs,I am. Unisex hairdresser, Worked with top brands,
passionate about my work.(contact 00971508401843)


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