Being my first review on the food area, I could absolutely not start with anything but my favorite meal of the day; The Ooo Yumm Breakfast.

Denny is a laid-back American diner; I haven’t yet tried them for dinner but cannot resist their breakfast and lunch.
The best part about Denny’s is that you can grab breakfast from here at any time of the day. They serve breakfast 24/7! Hence they are open 24hrs..
So I’d rather put it this way; if you’ve got a tummy of a size of an elephant, then you shall finish your meal with sides. I haven’t ever been able to finish a meal and sides at Denny’s in one go. So yeah, the portions are big, and I can just not compromise on ordering only one item (yep, always greedy when it comes to breakfast)
It never fails in quantity, freshness, perfect over eggs, and OMG the pancakes are to die for. Speaking of their pancakes, I have tried a few different flavours and all were pretty good! The peanut butter and chocolate pancakes especially stood out for me, and I’ll likely be returning for them. The peanut butter flavour and essence was predominant and delish!
The Lumber slam breakfast is highly recommended; the servers are happy to switch anything you don’t like (i.e. bacon swapped with sausages) The French toast, and omelettes are a must try. Hash browns were well done, and I must say, this is one of the few places which have impressed me with their well-done hash browns.
Mocha coffee is pretty good; but the orange juice is obligatory! I swigged through 3 glasses!
Milkshakes – A must try; so do go with a super empty stomach.



Build your own sampler is something you can play around with yourself, which left me in much peace as I get to pick and not request to swap/replace. I ordered Mozzarella sticks (Fried to perfection), onion rings and chicken strips. All were well cooked, perfectly crusted, and I still haven’t forgotten the delectable cheese oozing through the mozzarella sticks. I’d strongly recommend their appetizers on any visit (try it at breakfast too). The zesty nachos were tasty and different from the one’s offered in many restaurants. The steak was also very good (not too dry – not to raw) and perfectly cooked.
Philly melt and BBQ Burger are highly recommended and quite appetizing



They also have a good range for vegetarians, so this place doesn’t fail to disappoint anyone.The staffs were friendly and cheerful. They are always ready to help. The environment is sober, and big enough to host large groups. I’ve finally found my go to place when my brain stops working on where to go for breakfasts. Try it, it won’t disappoint you!


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